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Level 3

Breast Start

Breast Start

Developer: Wirral Community NHS Trust


Cost: Entirely Free

Developer description:

The updated version of theBreast Start App will give you evidence based information from NHS professionals about all aspects of breastfeeding. The Breast Start App will help you find support locally, now covering 10 areas of UK, and nationally get your baby breastfeeding, solve problems, teach you to hand express, offer you rewards, talk about donor milk, guide you to local breastfeeding friendly places and much, much more!

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App Details

Category: Breast, Pregnancy

Reviewed On: 12/01/2019

Released: 12/09/2013

Updated: 19/04/2017

Version: 1.6

Size: 2mb


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Breast Start

Breast Start

Cost: Entirely Free


Level 3


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Scan the QR Code to open this page on your mobile device.


It was assessed as a Level 3 App. These apps can be focused on general health or supporting specific health conditions. They may collect data and they may have a number of more advanced features. Where they collect data we assess their data use policies and compliance with relevant standards. Because they are health focused we also assess their compliance in the Clinical Effectiveness as well as the User Experience domains.

This App does collect data and it is therefore assessed and scored based on its performance in all the sections of our review.

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Functions & Features

We have identified that this App provides the following key features:

General Information

The App provides general information or guidance

Wellbeing Tracking

The App allows you to record relevant wellbeing information either manually or automatically using connected Apps or devices

This App achieved an ORCHA score of 71%.

Data Collection

The data collected about you isn't capable of identifying that it relates to you

The type of data that it collects isn't classified as sensitive data.

Data Use

The App does state that it won't share your data in any way with other people without your consent.

The App doesn’t allow you to share information in the App with other Apps, systems, organisations or users.

Data Security

The App doesn't encrypt the information it collects to make it safe from other people as it is transferred from the App.

The App doesn't encrypt the information it collects to make it safe from other people as it is retained by the the developer.

Professional Assurance

It was clear from our review that a suitably qualified professional or organisation was involved in the Apps development.

It wasn't clear from our review how regularly the advice and guidance given by the App was reviewed and updated by relevant professionals.


It wasn't clear from our review that the App had been through end user testing as part of its design and development.


The App does provide customisable features.

End user capacity

The App does provide support for users with poor sight.

The App does provide support for users with hearing difficulties.


The App doesn't appear to have a clear approach to dealing with user issues.


The App is entirely free to use.

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