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We help you find, compare and recommend the best health and care Apps for your patients and clients to help them improve their health and support any specific conditions they are managing.

We enable you to confidently embrace this emerging range of digital health therapies and to enbed them into your day to day practice.

We support you to engage and activate the hardest to reach members of your community who could in many cases most benefit from these exciting new solutions.


ORCHA is the worlds the leading provider of health and care Apps and uniquely
provide a comprehensive and dynamic monitoring of the health and care App

Our team includes experts from all aspects of the health and care App world
and it is the combination of these skills  and capabilities that ensures that the
ORCHA Review Process and Score is based on a fully rounded and rich analysis
of each App.

The ORCHA Review process is the most advanced review mechanism for health
and care Apps available anywhere. It is the only truly comprehensive assessment
of the Apps that are available on the two primary App stores ‘health, wellbeing/fitness
and medical’ sections.

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The adoption of digital health solutions is widely acknowledged as being a key driver in improving self-management and health awareness within the population. The rapid emergence of ‘consumer’ facing digital health solutions offers a huge opportunity to support this agenda, putting as it does the increasingly hard to access direct advice and guidance of the health and care professional into the pocket of everyone with a smart phone and connected device.


Evidence suggests that recommendations by health and care professionals are one of the most effective ways of activating patients and service users into the use of digital health solutions. Professional engagement with digital health solutions helps target the hardest to reach and cohorts that are most unlikely to embrace these technologies proactively. In order to achieve this however, these solutions need to be embedded into the clinical and professional practices of busy health and care teams in a way that makes the use of Apps and other approaches a natural part of the array of therapeutic interventions available. We have worked extensively with professionals across all areas of health and social care to identify how best to achieve this.

There are a number of key challenges relating to the adoption of digital health solutions by health and care professionals. In a consultation context, the first major challenge is establishing a trigger for the professional to flag the opportunity to utilise a digital solution. In other therapeutic areas these triggers are well established, both in terms of custom, practice and process but also in terms of technological support – i.e. decision support tools etc. For digital solutions, these established triggers do not exist and it is important to try and establish these proactively as part of a transformative change to the practice environment.

We have worked closely with a range of health and care professionals in a range of clinical and service settings to identify the key processes where establishing a digital solutions trigger is easiest to achieve and most effective. This includes embedding App searches into health check processes in primary and community service environments or as part of the discharge process within secondary and mental health providers. We have also developed approaches for the automatic recommendation of specific Apps upon diagnosis or referral.

Another key challenge is how to facilitate the recommendation of an App or other digital solution in a timely manner whilst providing the professional with assurance over the quality of the solution they are suggesting. The ORCHA scoring mechanism makes this a simple process, with search results always ranked in order of the highest scoring products and within the scoring mechanism itself, there is a clear indicator of both comparative quality (the Apps score compared to other similar Apps) and relative quality, (where an App score ranks in terms of Above or Below Average to all Apps).



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