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There's an App for that! In the world of health and care that statement is undoubtedly true.

With over 300,000 Apps to choose from this rapidly growing space offers huge opportunities to better manage your health and find support with any condition or challenge you face.

It can however be difficult to navigate so many different Apps that are out there and to know which ones are better than others and most suited to your specific needs.

At ORCHA we are devoted to helping you find, compare and get the best apps to support your individual health and fitness needs and those of your family and friends. Find out more below.


Finding health and care Apps on ORCHA is simple. Our unique search engine offers the ability to find all Apps that are available on the App Store and Google Play that claim to have a health and care related purpose.

Unlike the App Store and Google Play we also review, categorise and ‘curate’ health Apps by a wide array of characteristics such as category, function and capability, to help you find the best ones for your condition. You have the option to search by text or make use of our advanced search functionality. The Apps at the top of our searches appear only by merit of the score they have achieved.

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The ORCHA Review process is the most advanced review mechanism for health and care Apps available anywhere. It is the only truly comprehensive assessment of the Apps that are available on the two primary App stores ‘health, wellbeing/fitness and medical’ sections. Our review looks at a range of elements of an Apps offer rather than just focussing on one aspect or area and it is entirely objective and based on a robust examination of quantifiable evidence and data.

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Your ORCHA Account enables you to keep track of what you have downloaded, create favourites and leave a review of Apps you have used. It also allows us to share with you - with your permission - new Apps in areas that are of interest and to notify you of changes to Apps you are using that might be of concern or interest. Your ORCHA Account also allows you to receive recommendations from any relevant health and care professionals that you interact with and who are also using the ORCHA service.


My ORCHA also enables you to access any secure App recommendations that your Health and Care Professionals have made to you as part of the care they provide. You can also set up or participate in a friends and family group which lets you create accounts for your children or elderly parents for example and recommend apps to them to help improve their health and wellbeing.


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